The Great War: Western Front is the definitive WW1 strategy game. Play a deciding role in history with this real-time tactical experience as you take charge in the pivotal Western Front from 1914 to 1919.

Pick your faction and lead your forces to victory, by directing your armies in gritty real-time battles and by guiding high-level decisions in turn-based strategic gameplay. Dig detailed trenches, research new technologies such as poison gas and tanks, and make decisions that will have a profound and lasting effect on your success. Think like a Commander to either relive history – or redefine it.

Command & Conquer and Red Alert are two of the most genre defining Real Time Strategy games in history. These are the games you loved… now remastered for the first time. Created by the former Westwood Studios™ team members at Petroglyph Games alongside the dedicated community, every game element has been recreated in authentic and stunning 4K detail – including the completely remastered legendary soundtrack by Frank Klepacki.


Funcom and the RTS veterans at Petroglyph create the first ever survival RTS set in the savage world of Conan the Barbarian. Play solo or team up in multiplayer in Conan Unconquered’s action-packed co-op Mode where you build a shared stronghold and fend off the hordes together.


Drawn to a remote world, three intelligent lifeforms fight for control of its resources. Here they must each answer the primal choice of life…extinction or evolution?   A deep story told from multiple perspectives, Grey Goo and it’s free expansion package provide hours of exploration and tactical combat.

A Blast from the Past! 8-Bit Armies is a retro Real-Time Strategy game for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. With a colorful, blocky voxel art style, 8-Bit Armies is Petroglyph’s most fast-paced, friendly, and accessible RTS game to date. Collect resources, build up and defend your base, amass your army of military units, and ultimately crush your opponents! 8-Bit Armies features offline single-player missions, two-player cooperative missions, AI skirmish mode, and Player-vs-Player Multiplayer modes running on dedicated game servers.

The Hordes are Coming! From the team that brought you 8-Bit Armies comes a new fantasy RTS as fast-paced and friendly as the original! 8-BIT HORDES is a colorful strategy-arcade game that is easy to learn for players of all skill levels. Collect resources, build up and defend your base, amass your army of orcs or humans and ultimately crush your opponents! 8-Bit Hordes features offline single-player missions, two-player cooperative missions, AI skirmish mode, and Player-vs-Player Multiplayer modes running on dedicated game servers.

8-Bit Invaders! is a fast-paced, retro Real-Time Strategy game for the PC, PS4 and XBox One. Control the military might of the GALACTIC MARINE CORPS or invade with the devastating power of the alien CRANIOIDS! No matter which side you choose, 8-Bit Invaders is a blast for beginners and hardcore gamers alike.  A 24 mission single-player campaign comes with technology that grows your destructive power with every victory. Fight alone or find a buddy and take on the enemy together in a variety of co-op missions or skirmish battles.

Other Releases

Command or corrupt an entire galaxy in the definitive Star Wars strategy collection. It is a time of galactic civil war. Will you take up the reins of the Rebellion, assume control of the Empire, or rule the Star Wars Underworld?

Enter the world of ancient Greece where humans are at the mercy of Zeus and the pantheon of gods. Grab your friends and adventure through swamps, Greek ruins, and the Underworld itself to upgrade your armor and forge new weaponry. Collect stones of power to summon mighty companions and spells.

Customize your unique faction in a new take on real-time strategy as you fight in a variety of skirmish, solo, and multiplayer battles.  You are not only a commander, but also an engineer – so you have ultimate control over your faction’s units, factories, superweapons and economy.

Three powerful alien races arrive on Earth to battle for its control – and mankind can only watch as their fate is decided. UAW is an RTS with three completely unique factions: high-tech Novus, the lumbering and ever-moving Hierarchy, and the ancient and majestic Masari. Upgrade your faction with customizable tech trees, and try your hand at global conquest or online multiplayer matchups.  (This game is no longer available from Sega)

Panzer General: Allied Assault is a quick playing game of WWII tactical / operational combat using a unique blend of cards and a board game. The game takes place during the last phase of World War II, from 1944 to 1945. The dramatic events of D-Day finally gave the Allies a foothold on Fortress Europe, allowing them to push the Germans back to Berlin.


“At Petroglyph, everyone has a hand in the creation of innovative ideas, radical experimentation, and great game development.”

“At Petroglyph, we love experimenting with new angles on the strategy and other genres.”

At Petroglyph, we are always looking for new team members who share our passion.

We are an independent company with talented people and a strong culture which gives us the flexibility to create the kind of games we all want to play. Our work environment is open, fun, and casual, allowing individuals to foster their career growth and achieve their greatest potential. Personality, outlook, work ethic, and motivation are just as important to us as industry-leading talent. We believe in personal honesty, integrity and openness in all areas of the company.

The Petroglyph team loves creating and playing games. We represent a nexus of engineering expertise, game design talent, and development process experience that is committed to creating great entertainment hits, which are as fun to play as they are to make — the essence of all great games and successful game development companies. Combined, the founders have over 100 years experience in shipping award-winning, chart-topping titles. Our expertise range from PC to next-generation game consoles – from fast paced Real-Time Strategy and Simulation, to Action and Adventure games.



At Petroglyph, we are dedicated to making top quality games that are extremely fun and innovative, and we are always looking for new team members who share our passion. We work hard and we play hard.  In fact, we’re the best ping pong players on this side of the Mississippi. Don’t believe us? Bring your paddle!




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